A Woman Notices Her Husband On Bed-Funny Story

A couple who have been married for some time goes to bed. Just as she falls asleep, the woman notices that her husband approaches her in an unusually tender manner. First, he strokes her neck, then along her shoulders, down her back to her hips. Then he touches her breasts very lightly, lets his hand slide over her stomach and then wraps around her hips again. Then his hand slides along the outside of her right leg to her ankle, then brushing up on the inside of her leg. Then on the other leg exactly the same.

The woman, already quite excited, moans quietly and tries to make herself a little more comfortable. At that moment, her husband interrupts abruptly and turns to the other side of the bed. “Why are you stopping, darling?” She whispers irritated.

He, also whispering, “I found the remote!”

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