A Man Has Minor Problem-Funny Story

A man comes to the reception of a hospital.

-Hello, I come to get the results of the exams that my wife spent at home, Mrs. Germaine Dupont.

  • Hello Mr. Dupont. I have to tell you that we had a few minor problems. Chance wanted there to be two Germaine Dupont at home the same week. In addition, we had a computer bug that erased the social security numbers from the files. All I can tell you right now is that one Mrs. Smith has Alzheimer’s disease and the other has AIDS!
  • Well, here I am, me. What am I going to do with my wife?
  • Do not panic, Mr. Dupont. The time to restore order in our affairs, we will give you a tip. Go home, then take your wife by car. Drop it five kilometers from your home and if an hour later she came home on her own, do not f#ck her anymore.

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